. the guarantee .

Your artwork, be it for business, display, or tattoo, is unique to you. No two designs are ever the same and although a copy is kept for my portfolio I do not, and will not publish these in full, thereby protecting that guarantee.

. for business .

Providing unique, customised tribal designs for use in company branding (i.e. logos), merchandising and more. Commmissions are priced per enquiry. Please note: at the present time the artwork is physical not digital so a further digitisation service may be required. Once payment is made, the design/s become the property of the individual/company who commission it and all relevant design paperwork will be sent out on completion of order.

. for display .

Commissions taken for artwork for display are drawn up on 300GSM acid-free paper, in either pencil or ink.

The commission is discussed in depth with the client before work begins, and the final product is presented unframed for either delivery or collection. Depending on the size of the work, the finished piece will be rolled into a protective tube or enclosed flat inside a card-backed envelope. No prints or copies are made, or held, of the final design, unless specifically requested by the client, thereby making each piece unique.

. for tattoo .

The commission process for tattoo is a little more involved, and whilst it can be undertaken remotely (via email), it is preferable to meet the client to get a feel for their personality. This is even more important when it comes to Polynesian design.

Commissions are taken on after decisions are made about many things, from area and style through to content. The process is very much a two-way street with the client taking an active part in the meaning of their body-art.
A first draft is then drawn up and presented to the client; at this stage changes are easy to make and I usually advise the client to print it out and pin it up somewhere they can see it everyday for a while. Once the client is happy with the design, and full payment is made, I will then release the drawing to be taken to the tattoo artist of their choice.
Most importantly, your chosen tattoo artist must be capable of fully freehand tattooing; as the paper designs do not come with stencils. For Polynesian work in particular, information about shading instruction etc can be selected from a couple of further service options:
Option A: As well as the paper artwork, you may choose to have sent to you some example shading work for your tattooist to get a feel for the Polynesian tattooing style
Option B: As well as the paper artwork, you may choose where possible, for me to visit your tattooist with you before or on the day of your first sitting to discuss the framework of Polynesian tattooing with them
I must stress, I am not a tattooist, and these further options are advice only not a comment on your tattoo artists expertise. Both options carry a further fee, and all travel must be paid for by the client.